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There is something about a corporate philosophy that helps guide an organization in the right direction. It provides a framework for great service and a distinct path to follow. Our corporate philosophy, "Relax. We've Got This.®", is something we take very seriously at LazBro, Inc. It is our mission to make you 100% confident that your marketing automation needs are being met on time, on budget, with the latest in innovation, thought leadership and incredible service. With everything else on your plate, you need peace of mind from the kick off call to the final report.

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Viceroy Hotel Group

Digital Marketing Challenge

As a leading global hotel group in the luxury travel vertical, Viceroy teamed with LazBro for email strategy, creative and development for properties, services and specific events. Viceroy wanted smart, innovative ideas that would deliver results through growth in revenue.

LazBro Digital Marketing Solutions

LazBro designed and created property specific email marketing templates that showcased the beautiful design, imagery and texture found at each Viceroy Hotel property. LazBro worked closely with the Viceroy eCommerce team to create the sexy Vice/Virtue campaign concept that utilized expandable, in-banner data capture rich media creative and email marketing to help build Viceroy's email databases while driving revenue. LazBro designed the Spring "Plan Your Escape"campaign which included banner creative and email marketing. LazBro created an Pinterest integrated Holiday Card for Viceroy that showcased all of Viceroy's luscious landscapes and gorgeous properties. LazBro utilized their Email Playground platform to assist Viceroy with allowing non-technical users plan, create and deploy email marketing campaigns. LazBro partnered with Viceroy to design an in-room Android based mobile remote control interface for the Viceroy New York property. LazBro has also developed various banner creative for Viceroy such as Formula 1 Race Weekend for Viceroy Abu Dhabi.

LazBro Digital Marketing Results

LazBro helped Viceroy increase their consumer marketing database while increasing bookings and brand awareness.

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