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LazBro is a different kind of marketing automation agency.   Maybe it’s because some of us are in Los Angeles, California near the beach, maybe it’s because some of us believe in southern hospitality, maybe it's becasue we have integrity, but the mentality of Relax. We’ve Got This® or better known as bringing our clients Peace Of Mind... is always top of mind.  

Agency veterans Evan Lazarus and Jennifer Samples Lazarus had a vision of a different type of dmarketing automation agency.   They took all of the experience they had gained working at big agencies, built an amazing marketing automation team and combined their knowledge with fast turn-around times and attention to detail. All so they could offer stellar service and smart ideas without the red tape and politics that often occur in big agencies. 

Simply put, our clients are our business partners.   We make it our business to learn your business.  LazBro was formed to help brands make a difference, gain market share and grow revenue.   When you succeed, we succeed, so everyone at LazBro works hard to give our clients Peace of Mind.   So when you’re planning your next marketing automation campaign, take a deep breath, enjoy the ocean air or peach pie, and know it’s time to..Relax. We’ve Got This.®

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Email Playground

Designed to interface with Silverpop's Engage platform, providing their clients with a WYSIWYG interface. 

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