Mobile has emerged as one of the most effective marketing vehicles available to us.  It is immediate, personal and instantly gratifying, offering the consumer an unparalleled digital experience in the palm of their hands.

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Text messaging converts a simple print ad into an interactive experience. Downloadable applications offer an engaging experience, whether it be for fun or for function. m-Commerce enables purchasing anywhere, anytime. Mobile search and the click-to function sets drive store traffic and direct response.

Ignoring the mobile landscape is to ignore the most active, fastest growing consumer environment in the world.  The mobile phone has transcended its functionality and has become a central repository of necessary daily functions that keep the consumer connected and engaged.

LazBro, Inc. has been involved in the mobile space for as long as we have been in business, creating highly effective and engaging consumer experiences. 

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Email Playground

Designed to interface with Silverpop's Engage platform, providing their clients with a WYSIWYG interface. 

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