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Social marketing has fast become the most coveted marketing vehicle in the digital environment, and there is good reason: there is nothing more powerful than a recommendation from a trusted peer.  

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It is important to draw a distinction between social media, and social marketing.  Social media focuses on the targeted placement of existing digital media within social environments. Banner ads on a social media page, native advertising within social environments, sponsored stories... all fall under the social media.

Social marketing refers to something different. Social marketing focuses on reaching the individual influencer, and providing them with tools and content to be able to spread the word about the brand or product.

This is an important distinction, since social media looks at mass marketing to create a response, while social marketing looks at micro-marketing to create a buzz.

We understand the intricacies involved in creating effective social, viral and online word-of-mouth programs, generating hand-raisers and taregting influencers that will grow your brand exponentially, along with a deep understanding of using social media vehicles to drive activity, traffic and ROI. 

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